Resources for staff and workplaces

Information and resources for staff and workplaces 

Find tips, guides and information to support staff and workplaces during COVID-19.

Build resilience 

The following resource compiled by EAP Counselling services outlines strategies that will help you build resilience:

Download the EAP building resilience resource (PDF, 428 KB, 2 pages)

Another way to build resilience is to focus on what you can control, instead of focusing on things that are outside your control. The following MidCentral DHB onesheet can help you identify what's in your control and what's outside it:

Download the Staying Calm, Focus on What I Can Control resource (PDF, 358 KB, 1 pages)

The following article outlines nine ways to stay mentally healthy during uncertain times:

Down an article on staying mentally healthy during uncertain times (PDF, 344 KB, 6 pages)

Psychological First Aid

The Red Cross has created a free course on administering psychological first aid. The video course can be accessed on their website, which is linked below. 

Visit the Red Cross website for a free course of psychological first aid (external website)