Resources and guides for leaders

Resources and guides for leaders

According to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, workplaces are one of the biggest mental health support sectors across the country. Find out how you can support the mental health of your team with the following resources.

Mental health tools and guidelines

The following resources provide information for leaders who are supporting their teams' mental health during this crisis.

Download "A Mental Health Guide for New Zealand Leaders" (PDF, 3.4 MB, 120 pages)

Read an article on what employees need from leaders during the global pandemic (external website)

Download "A 'how to' for managers on Talking about Wellbeing during COVID-19 Outbreak" (PDF, 208 KB, 1 pages)

Download the RedCross Psychological First Aid Guidelines during COVID19 (PDF, 3.8 MB, 8 pages)

Leaders in healthcare

The well-being of healthcare workers, both clinical and non-clinical, is an important consideration during this pandemic. The British Psychological Society has developed a resource for leaders in healthcare industries, linked below:

Download "The Psychological needs of healthcare staff as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic" (PDF, 199 KB, 6 pages)

Self-care tools 

The following resources can help managers promote self-care among their employees.

Download a self-care workplace assessment sheet for managers (PDF, 146 KB, 3 pages)

Download a self-care workplace assessment sheet for staff (PDF, 663 KB, 3 pages)

Resources for leading remote teams 

The following resources support leaders and managers who have teams working remotely.

Download a guide to leading a remote team (PDF, 503 KB, 1 pages)

Read a Harvard Business Review article on managing your remote workers (external website)

You can find more resources to support working from home on the webpage linked below: 

View the working from home tips page