Working from home

Resources and tips for thriving while working from home during COVID-19

Transitioning to working from home can be challenging, both for individuals and for teams. The resources below can help managers and employees adjust to working from home while maintaining health and wellness.

Resources for self-care while working from home

Self-care is a vital part of working from home. The following resources give tips for how to stay energised. 

Download the self-care workplace assessment  (PDF, 146 KB, 3 pages)

Download the self-care worksheet (PDF, 663 KB, 3 pages)

Download an article about how to manage stress and emotions working from home  (PDF, 297 KB, 4 pages)

Download a working from home wellness onesheet from Blueprint for Learning (PDF, 158 KB, 1 pages)

Resources for leaders and managers 

Managing a team remotely can be challenging. The following resources give tips on how to talk to employees about wellness during the pandemic and how to lead remote teams effectively.

Visit our support for leaders page for resources