Resources for supporting people with autism during COVID-19

The following articles and resources give information, advice and support for people on the autistic spectrum and their caregivers during COVID-19.

Articles on managing COVID-19 with autism

Autism Parenting Magazine

The following article from Autism Parenting Magazine gives advice for managing coronavirus with autism.

Read the article on the magazine's website (external website)

Altogether Autism Takiwātanga

The following article gives tips for living in a neurodiverse house during lockdown. 

Download the article (DOCX, 93 KB, 5 pages)


The following resource from the UNC FPG Child Development Institute Autism Team helps support individuals with autism during the COVID-19 pandemic. The resource includes information on supporting understanding, coping with stress, maintaining or creating new routines and fostering connection.

Download the Supporting Individuals with Autism through uncertain times resource (PDF, 3.7 MB, 60 pages)